Actors who could play the famous characters

Characters, is the foundation of any work of art. They can love, they can tolerate, they can cause both these conflicting feelings like hatred and admiration - but if this is the author's intention, there is nothing to worry about. Much worse, if the characters do not cause absolutely no emotion.

When it comes to literature, it's simple - the author limits only a fantasy, but the rest of it is free to describe the characters as he pleases, the paper said, can endure. But when it comes to movies, then this scheme is added to the actor who gives life, there is only the creators of the picture in my head.

And, like everything else in the art world, acting performance are different: good, bad, just not bad, mediocre, etc. But sometimes, the film and the character gets so memorable that after watching the viewer is unable to provide someone else in this manner. And the more interesting cases, when it turns out that the creators had originally planned to give the role of an entirely different actor.



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