From the air-raid shelter in the loft - a grand transformation

Once stable, the bomb shelter and a printing house, today - a luxury apartment in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Completely converted and renovated, the room has received new life thanks to the designers Benito Escat and Alberto Rovira studio Minim, specializing directly on lofts and urban apartments.

The total area is 800 sqm loft The apartments have a triangular shape and are divided into two levels, each decorated differently. A classic for this kind of interior space with parading proudly represented brick walls and high ceilings, then combined with a light bright palette design of certain rooms. The furniture is also matched very interesting - Loft presents several styles that look very effectively. Generally. Loft does not look dull, monotonous, brutal. Such housing is ideal for the creative person or a young couple living in step with the times.


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