Snake charmers are in the 2-year-old ...

At that time, as the other two years of the children just learning to walk and talk, children of Indian nomadic Vadi tribe acquainted with the centuries-old tradition of snake charming.
All the children of the tribe of Wadi meet face to face with a poisonous cobra, as soon as they turn two years. In 10 years they will have to go through a ritual in which they will learn all the secrets of snake charming. Both boys and girls should learn how to manage cobras, because women have to cope on their own if their husbands and brothers will be far away.

Wadi tribe cares about Cobra as their own children, treat them in case of illness and never keeps snakes in captivity more than seven months. Over the long term it is considered a sign of disrespect to the snakes. Indeed, the only time in the memory of the tribe, when bitten by a cobra caster happened after he did not release it after seven months of captivity.

Spellcasters Wadi tribe not remove poisonous fangs, instead, they are fed a mixture of herbal cobras, believing that it makes a deadly poison harmless.

In 1991, a thousand-year tradition of snake charming has been officially banned in India, but the tribe of Wadi remains at the same place for more than half a year, so see to it that they carry out the instructions of the authorities, is very difficult.


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