Russian has helped to detain the offender in London

Russia's Valentin Simachenko helped apprehend a criminal armed with a knife. This happened on August 28 at the time of the London Notting Hill Carnival, which has outgrown in mass riots and clashes. 55 tions visitor from Russia saw the rushes past him a bully with a knife in his hand. In Simachenko they were busy hand - he was carrying a bag and camera. However, the Russians did not lose the bandwagon and put the attacker. This has helped the police to arrest the perpetrator, who a few seconds before it struck the young guy stabbed. Simachenko said nothing about his actions, even the members of his family, and his actions would be forgotten. However, when he knocked down a bully, accidentally fell into the frame of the photographer who shot a carnival. Thanks Simachenko shot to prominence.



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