The American story of merging vehicle

I'll tell you about the next job. Before us 2009 CADILLAC DTS. Most likely will be asked about the "figures" write once. All the work took a total of a week. This project has been spent about $ 10,000, including the "donor", the engine, transmission, and even some parts with him Prodan something to offset the costs ("donor" was purchased for $ 900). The market value of "finished product" - $ 25 000.

"Georgia" delivered.

After a cursory inspection revealed that the entire chassis on the passenger side is broken "at the root".
I had to call a tow truck for unloading

To unload in the garage. In the background planet "donor". "Donor" older, but the doors and roof are the same.
By the time the doors removed, disassembled, painted.

We consider close.

We'll have to "work»


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