Be bold

Husband and wife lived together for 30 years.
On the day of the 30th anniversary of a joint life wife, as usual, baked loaf - she baked her every morning, it was a tradition. At breakfast she cut her across the buttered both sides and, as usual, her husband filed a top. But halfway hand to stop her ...
She thought: "On the day of our thirtieth anniversary, I want to eat this very rosy part of the bun, I dreamed about it for 30 years. In the end, I'm 30 years was an exemplary wife and I raised him fine sons, was correct and good mistress, ran the household, so much effort and put the health of our family ».
With this decision, she gave her husband the lower part of the buns. And at the very hand trembles - a violation of the 30-year tradition!
Her husband took a bun, she said:
 - What is an invaluable gift to me you did today, darling! 30 years old I did not eat his favorite, the lower part of the rolls, because I thought that it rightfully belongs to you.


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