Rebranding Police: changes which awaited

Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and renaming of the police officers have generated a lot of discussion about the absence of visible changes. The former image and symbolism inherited from the Russian police are not suitable for the newly created structure. The study was conducted from February to March 2011 showed that the Russians have extremely negative attitude to the ongoing reform. It became clear that there is a need of radical changes in the ideological and communication sectors of law enforcement agencies.

The new brand
In autumn 2011 the event started to build a new innovative brand of Russian police. Brand turned both inward (law enforcement officials) and externally (public, the citizens of the Russian Federation) through the clear language of contemporary visual communication. In the new way of the public authority is not distancing itself from society, it is open, transparent and friendly. Modern police intended to be a model in everything: in the home, on the street, in his actions, in appearance, be highly cultured man.


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