Most cool weapons from movies (16 photos)

The author writes mobbi5:
"I decided to refresh and collect their top weapons, which as a child dreamed of everyone watching cool movies!

Ghostbusters - proton blaster
This piece is fired proton beam and enters into ecstasy tens of thousands of children around the world

Men in Black - Noisy Cricket

All probably remember how skeptical Will Smith to the "pukalki", but the result exceeded all expectations.

Zorg ZF-1 - The Fifth Element

Designed Zorg Industries, this gun was dressed in a titanium body, and its weight was very small. The clip climbed to 3,000 bullets, except for the gun is equipped with a machine-gun pistol, with a spear tipped with poison gas, can volley network and for dessert the system "Ice Cube", which shoots a cloud of nitrogen. Oh yeah ... and the system of self-destruction.


The gun on his shoulder Predator, was his most formidable weapon. It shoots beams of blue plasma, I'm not talking about the system of homing.

It is impossible not to note the disc Predator, flying it on the principle of boomerang and can cut you to pieces before you have time to say the word "bl *"


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