Photos of the Moscow meeting and others

I propose to look at aerial photos of the rally, which was held December 10 at the Swamp area.
Shooting was done with the help of radio-controlled model helicopter, which is in the process several times unsuccessfully been fired from the pistol.

See also photos from rallies in different countries, under the cut.


Canberra, Australia:

Tokyo, Japan:

Kiev, Ukraine:

Limassol, Cyprus:

Odessa, Ukraine

Seoul, Korea:

Thailand (effigy burned!):

Tallinn, Estonia

Tel Aviv, Israel

Varna, Bulgaria

Helsinki, Finland:

Stockholm, Sweden

Budapest, Hungary

Oslo, Norway

Riga, Latvia

Cologne, Germany:

Berlin, Germany:

Hamburg, Germany:

Munich, Germany:

Prague, Czech Republic:

Rome, Italy:

Freiburg, Germany:

Frankfurt, Germany:

Paris, France:

London, England:

The Hague, Netherlands:

Geneva, Switzerland:

Lyon, France:

Barcelona, ​​Spain:

Madrid, Spain:

Boston, USA:

Montreal, Canada:

New York, USA:

Washington, USA (Hillary Clinton somehow can not see!):

Toronto, Canada:


San Francisco, USA:

Los Angeles, USA:

Vancouver, Canada:



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