It was snowing. In winter, it is quite common. The weather was windless, and big fluffy snowflakes slowly circling in a bizarre dance, slowly approaching the earth. Two snowflakes aircraft coming near, decided to start a conversation. Fearful of losing each other, they held hands, and one of them said cheerfully:
 - How nice to fly, enjoy the flight!
 - We do not fly, we just fall - sadly replied the second.
 - Soon we will meet with the ground and turned into a white fluffy blanket!
 - No, we're going to meet death, but on the ground we simply crush.
 - We will become streams and headed out to sea. We will live forever! - Said the first.
 - No, we will melt and disappear forever - objected to her second.
They finished their conversation and let go.
And each of them flew to meet that fate, which has chosen for itself.


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