TOP-15 most cited cartoons

Do you know people who do not like cartoons? And those who at least once, but not screwed in the case of some of frazochku favorite cartoon? We decided to make a list of the most quoted cartoons from our childhood. Speak at once - no Hollywood! Only our Soviet cartoons, which we grew up. Let's go!

15. "Treasure Island»
Now you will hear a sad story about a boy Bobby ...
Billy, where the card?

14. "Hedgehog in the Fog»
Losha-and-a-adka-ah! ..

13. "Well, wait a minute!»
Well, hare, wait a minute!

12. A series about a cat Leopold:
Guys, let's live together!
Leopold, come out! Come out, cowards!

11. "Wings, legs and tails»
Legs, wings ... the main thing - the tail!
We work, ostrich, it works!
Ha! Birdie!

10. "There was a dog»
God help you!
You ... come on ... it is, if anything.
Wait sing! ..

9. "The Kid and Carlson»
And I'm crazy ... What a shame!
Ghost with the motor! Strrashnoe. But cute.
Hello, dear friend, Carlson! .. And you, kid, come.

8. "last year's snow was falling»
It will be small. Not enough!
He went for the third time for the Christmas tree ...
What's life without a piano! ..

7. "The investigation Koloboks»
Oh, boss, I see you! - Likewise.
Chief, what? - Nnichego.
Well, colleague, take the phone and call the zoo.

6. "The Adventures domovenka»
Kuzma! We love you!
Happiness! Baba Yaga halt happiness!

5. "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel!»
Orlayt Christopher Bonifatich!
Senior Assistant Lom, you does not please me.
Set aside to dip Captain!
Oh, what was the boss, it was ...

4. "Three of the Buttermilk»
Wrong you, Uncle Theodore, eat a sandwich.
I have this uncle with big ears ... ears to pootkrutil ...
Here it is, this type of civic appearance.
Congratulations, Ball, you dunce.

3. "Journey ant»
The sun will disappear, the anthill close.
I'm home, and my legs ...
I have l ... - Just going to get married!
Are you fell from the moon? - No, the caterpillars.

2. A series of Winnie the Pooh:
Owl! Discover! The bear came.
And what does anything else left?
Owl found the tail!
Who goes to visit in the morning
Good lives in the world of Winnie the Pooh!
Are you stuck?
"I" are different!

1. "The Magic Ring»
Little man, why have you afflicted animal?
Vanya, I'm yours forever!
She did not zhona Bole not zhona!
Oh, Manka, kaku gangrene our Vanka his wife took ...
Bridge engineering design
And they went to the city of Paris ...



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