10 world celebrities with the growth of 150-160 centimeters

Famous are not only long-legged beauty, in this you are sure.
Presents photographs of celebrities who have grown more than 160-year-centimeters.

Kylie Minogue
Height 155 cm, regularly ranked first in ratings "celebrity with the most beautiful legs»

Dolly Parton
Height 152 cm. American country music singer and actress, who has written more than 600 songs and twenty-five times rose to the top position of the country charts magazine "Billboard».

Eva Longoria
Height 157 cm. Who saw Eve live, refute this fact. Argue that its growth is unlikely to 153 cm, and maybe even less.

Salma Hayek
Height 157 cm. Salma Hayek is the most successful Mexican actress in America, she is married to a French millionaire at age 42 she gave birth to a daughter.

Vanessa Hudgens
Height 158 ​​cm. Since 8 years Vanessa began to participate in theatrical and musical productions. Vanessa is both an actress and a singer. The style of this young actress is very popular among her many fans.

Hilary Duff
Height 155 cm. In 1988, Hilary played his first leading role. It was a movie about good painted ghost "Casper Meets Wendy».

Megan Fox
Height 162 cm. The ideal figure Megan - the nature of beauty ... in the blood have the genes of the French, Irish and even Indians.

Alyssa Milano
Height 157 cm. In 1985, Alice starred in the action movie "Commando", where she played the role of the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger. After that success does not leave her.

Kim Kardashian
Height 157 cm. American fashion model and actress Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California October 21, 1980. In the blood of beauties have Armenian roots (from the Pope), as well as Dutch and Scottish mother's side. The very same woman says that she is half Armenian (a quarter of a Russian and a quarter of the Turkish Armenian), a quarter of a quarter of Dutch and Scottish.

Source: asaratov.livejournal.com


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