Decent Chinese response cubes (6 scans)

Remember the theme with Chinese dice?
It turns out that we have at least a worthy opponent.
Further, the author's words stop-igra:

I have a "Encyclopedia of training and development of preschoolers': lots of bright pictures and disparate recommendations for parents (how to teach a child to draw what speech therapy exercises to perform with him ...)
Rare book by its sophistication. How to uncover - and see something sort of.

A lot of jobs out there such as "Make a proposal for the picture"; "What do you see in the picture?" Accordingly, under the picture of the alleged written answer. The implication is that children are very young and have not yet learned to read. It saves them: if they peep into the text, just be confused. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how to distinguish between different kinds of birds and animals. For example, on one page, this bird named owl:

And on the next page, there is a similar picture, looking at which a child should make the phrase "Owl holding forkĀ».
The process of transition owls owl (via plug?) Authors do not comment on it. It was strange and posture of a lion (why the child must guess what the lion "is"?) - But these are trifles.

It is not clear whether it is necessary to take into account the number of images of objects. According to the authors, here painted a frog:

And here - a lot of children:

Familiar everyday situations are served in a nontraditional way.
Why did the poor man in a coat and hat? The cold bath?

But this task, I believe, lost to nobody.




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