The car arrived right on the bed to sleep.

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The drunk driver in the US state of Nevada nearly took the life of a student couple in love in their own beds, transfers on Wednesday channel CNN.
Peaceful sleep students of the University of Nevada Kristin Palmer and Trent Wood was broken Oct. 21 about four o'clock in the morning an invasion by a drunk driver who, mistaking House Palmer, and Wood to the house of his ex-girlfriend, at full speed and crashed into a wall and rammed light shields baffle driven right in the bedroom. Miraculously surviving students spent nearly an hour, waiting for rescuers lift the machine by holding them between the bottom and the bed.
According to Wood, apart from fear, he and his friend escaped with only a few scratches and minor burns.
"At first I thought it was the roof fell down because of the earthquake, as the house is old. But then I saw the right wheel, and then realized that the machine is on us. She's really able to ride on my head! I was lucky a little more, I could move a little bit. While on the face, Christine ran some liquid, we are very afraid that the car might explode. Kristin screamed very loudly, because her head clamped harder, and she could not even move, "- as described by Wood, his memories of the terrible night.
Students have calmed down only after the place of rescue teams arrived. After 42 minutes they were able to raise a little car to Palmer and Wood were able to get out from under it.
According to the city authorities Sparks, where the incident occurred, the driver Eric to Cross has been charged with driving while drunk, and stealing a car, driving without a license and premeditated harming people's lives, which could lead to death.
According to the channel CNN, the pair will receive financial compensation from the Bank of America, and the compensation can cover the costs of restoring the house.









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