Marine reptiles (12 photos)

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That's what I like to Nakhodka, so it is for these landscapes. Where else in the world you will see such a thing? It is able to feed the restless sea thousands of local residents, but the price of seafood in the stores still bite, so we ...
... Go fishing


In shallow water, the stones, you can catch a fish here:
This sea flax. I caught those tens. Sizes from 8 to 30 cm. Ear of them get very badsome and can be planed to spread on a twig and roast over the coals.


Every year more and more rarely, but still possible to pick up from the bottom of the sea like a crab. This hair-crab. At least, we call it so. His body is covered with villi. But this delicious bastard ... Perhaps even tastier Kamchatka!


If you throw in the water "mordushku", and luck is on your side, you can draw from the depths of the sea is a monster! Marine reptile different intelligence and wit, as well as strength and agility, resourcefulness and flexibility ... very slippery bastard. Who is it?

That's right - it's an octopus! Cooking it should be skillfully and neumeyuchi you get a hard substance such soled canvas boots. Washed, cleaned, repulse, throw into boiling water briefly, fry in oil. Bon Appetit.


This octopus is quite impressive size. It effectively moved his tentacles in the hands of my future father-and plaintively rolled almost human eyes. Please note - the color match for shellfish coxa.


In the right places (in seaweed in shallow water) is found another very tasty creature. Catch nets it can be, and you can throw in mordushku fish head and wait until it has itself come.

You will learn? This shrimp! But we called it chilim. Chilim good as the beer and of itself. Maybe even eat it raw, but the main thing - do not overdo it. I assure Freshly-Speared chilim not pales in comparison with what is sold in stores in the frozen form.


This reptile respected Japanese. It is part of a mandatory diet. And no wonder! It is a gray sea urchin. His caviar has a specific sweetish taste, and not everyone will like. However, for those who like it, there is tastier food. In addition, it is very useful - removes radionuclides, rejuvenates the body, increases the potency, normalizes blood pressure, contains useful proteins and fats. The Japanese are not in vain called urchin roe sea ginseng.

I am pleased eats the eggs of the critters in their raw form. Can bread. You can bake it in the coals on the scallop shell. It's delicious, believe me ...


This monster's head over the body. There is a feeling, is not it? Bull. Devours any bait you offer him. When you go out to sea with the aim to catch flounder, these reptiles can interfere. Many fishermen throw overboard those swallowed. Some leave. You can eat! Ear of the bull is delicious and nourishing. But the touch - worse octopus


But larger production. It seems, chum and marine ruff. Delicious. What more i can say? You do not mind the red fish?


A fisherman on the local market offered advantageous to buy a miracle. Fresh. Not ready yet. So much the better - it would make its own way. Oh, it would seem a large saucepan. But there is so much ... When the house red caviar - it means that things are changing for the better, but the eggs disappear catastrophically fast! A pity ...


Well. Ekro (as they call this product "The Search") is ready for use. I wish you to eat such food at least such spoons, not to smear her eggs on a thick slice of bread!


Bon appetit, my dear Muscovites, Siberians, Europeans!





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