NORWAY. A look from the inside

Long thought and decided to create a theme that would satisfy the interest, and then slipped in a question: "How it all life" in the subject of other similar
The questions were different - but the subject was a car, however, offer to share the rest of the questions and answers, and here. Those who have their own idea of ​​Norway - YES then all.

I'll start with some household tricks. It's no secret that Norway - a country with a high standard of living (relatively) and the level of consumption is quite high. People buy things readily and easily parted with the old.

In the town where I live, there is a hardware store. It's no secret that dispose of an old fridge for someone can be troublesome. Therefore, the store is obliged to take from the buyer to the example of the new and the old washing machine take it to the dump. From time to time he hires a truck and takes it. And before all worth the edge and you can come and take anything. Of course, emit mostly faulty, but the author of this topic is deeply convinced of the opposite and very actively uses all of these for over a year. Looks are always different - people dumped all that he does not need. This definition often get a serviceable, in excellent condition, but the owners are unnecessary things. So, I lay out some photos, because I do not leave you indifferent.

such as the computer on which I write, monitor and other accessories have been found here and in another the same place.
Of course, come to repair something (not much straining, as resources remfondu- enough)
This computer is in the picture, I did not take (now sometimes taking only some components)

do not think that absolutely throw any shit ... Well, for example the refrigerator, perhaps was faulty, but Russian geek, basically - it's not a spaceship ... and you can fix it ... because the state had was excellent ...

agrees that Siemens-not so hot holodilneg steep, but it was complete, all kinds of shelves and pallets, and so on ...
I do not need so much ... I myself long ago found a small whirlpool in excellent condition, brought here home, disassembled, laundered, collected and use ...
and over that shed a tear (in Russia it is impossible to give someone you know), I took a screwdriver and pulled out a general electronic parts ... So, in order to ... self-cognitive type

or, for example, among all household appliances (such as microwave oven) was found bread maker, she was completely notenjoyed ... still can not understand why throw away ... I examined her, washed in parts, check all the entrails, gathered checked drove to Russia now it operates quietly ...
recently I found the same and have left themselves (local bread I do not like) are sometimes run aparat



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