Incident - cheaper!

November 27, Americans have experienced another "Black Friday": according to the tradition of many years, after Thanksgiving shopping almost 70% lower prices, trying to attract as many buyers. Therefore, on this first day of sales in the stores there are huge crowds and hustle. People take turns with another night. The name "Black Friday" is still stuck in the 1960s because of the huge traffic jams during the sales.

This year, as always in the "Black Friday" in the first few minutes after midnight, a crowd of American shoppers flooded stores and shopping malls across America to gain more goods at a discount. Shops started a new pre-season with more hours of work and big discounts on all types of goods - from toys to TVs in hopes of attracting customers, many of them in times of crisis and unemployment have included austerity and hard to part with their hard-earned money.

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