Hungry Muscovites fought in eating caviar on the speed

Moscow hosted the first-ever championship speed eating caviar. Evening of April 20 crowd gathered at the restaurant wanting to The Apartment. From it the leading lottery had to choose 12 people who are ready in three minutes to absorb as much as possible expensive product. According to the team they were supposed to start eating caviar spoons and do not stop until until eaten half a liter.

Of all the participants the best coped with 49-year-old Muscovite Alexander shafts, which destroyed half a liter per minute 26 seconds. He received 10 thousand rubles, and here-so surprise caviar. Almost everyone else eat up the eggs in the allotted time could not and took it home as a consolation prize.

After graduating from the organizers generously offered eggs for everyone. As boasted after caviar competition for the evening, participants and spectators ate eggs for 2 million rubles. By the way, in a press release shares the cost of refreshments did not exceed half a million.



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