Russian scientists have invented a "gravitsapu"

Russian scientists on the existing small spacecraft "Jubilee" started to check a fundamentally new engine, based on new physical principles produce thrust associated with gravity.

"This engine is designed for the spacecraft" Soyuz-Sat-O ", included in the multifunctional space system of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, and in it under the influence of high-voltage discharge evaporates the working fluid - fluoroplastic - and formed pull," - he said in an interview "Vremya Novostei" Deputy Director General of the State Research and Production Space Center of MV Khrunichev, CEO and scientific director of the Research Institute of Space Systems named AA Maximov, Major General Valery Menshikov.

"Device for the continuous movement without the flow of the working fluid has been tested on Earth," - said Valery Menshikov. Conventionally, scientists gave it the name "gravitsapu", as in the famous film George Danelia "Kin-dza-dza».




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