Fossa - thunderstorm lemurs

"Fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) - predatory mammal families Madagascar predators. It is the only member of the genus Cryptoprocta and isolated in a separate subfamily Cryptoproctinae. Foss - the largest mammal predator of Madagascar (the largest carnivore in Madagascar - Crocodylus niloticus) and one of the largest civet. Its prehistoric ancestors reached the size of a lion.
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View Foss is very peculiar. Externally, it is somewhat reminiscent of Jaguarundis or small puma and a long time to rank as the family cat (in this as it appears at the Bram and Gerald Durrell). »

Foss - the main predator of Madagascar. Their diet consists of small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Often attack lemurs, which can pursue the trees. Foss caught animals were sacrificed by holding the front paws and biting the back of the head, and sometimes kills more animals than can eat. This Foss, often busting chicken coops, have earned a bad reputation among the local population.

Foss - poludrevesnye animals capable of jumping from branch to branch (although cover distances longer than 50 meters, they prefer on the ground). Foss climbs the tree using the legs and tail. When lifting it moves along the trunk, front legs wide apart and pulling back under the belly, which are then straightened, pushing it forward. During the descent the opposite: apart hind legs act as brakes and front podgibayutsya. They are very mobile, and it looks like a normal protein.

Lifestyles are single - each section of Voss takes about 1 km². The territory they labeled glands secretions. Among the fantastic stories about the Fossey Malagasies there is this: if they are not only attacking the chicken coops, and can kill birds with one only disgusting smell anal glands.

Voice Foss recalls cat: they are able to issue a threatening rumble, turning into a drawn "meow"; cubs purr.

In nature, have no natural enemies Foss; in reducing its numbers mainly to blame people, like Foss exterminating pests. She exaggerated bad reputation ferocious predator - is that it not only ruins the chicken coops, but also destroys the pigs, goats, and even killing people.

In 2000, Foss status in the international Red Book has been changed from "Vulnerable" to "endangered» (Endangered), as they estimated there are not more than 2,500 adults.

Foss is one of the characters in the animated film "Madagascar". )))



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