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The winner of the annual competition for the most stinky sneakers, held in the state of Vermont, was the eleven-year schoolgirl from the State of Connecticut, reports Associated Press.

A girl named Trinett Robinson received a $ 2,500 prize and a trip to New York, and a ticket for the Broadway musical "The Lion King." The competition was attended by children from 6 to 16 years, with the youngest participant ranked second.
The winner explained that she was able to bring shoes to the point thanks to the participation in the activities of environmental organizations and the Girl Scouts of the club. Trinett also admitted that once occurred in the horse manure.
The competition for the most stinky sneakers held in the US since 1975. Its sponsors are the companies producing deodorants for footwear and sportswear. Last year, it won a seven-year old boy from Utah, in 2008, the winner was 15-year-old boy from the state of Alaska, and in 2007 the winner of the most smelly shoes recognized the girl - 13-year-old resident of Utah.


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