Workout for the brain

Artist Anton Olshvang 1998 crosswords hung at bus stops Samara. Passengers came into a rage, trying to unravel.
Try you.
Answers leave in the comments, it will be interesting to read.


1. Gradually glued crockery. 6. Surprise, known in advance. 7. The man missed the train or plane. 9. The old insect. 11 minutes left before the meeting. 12. Apartment with a lot of furniture. 13 Unheard Service. 20. overgrown nettles. 21. Having grown up. 22. At the time the hidden object. 23. unfamiliar word. 24. The chair, spinning clockwise only. 26. Two hundred grams of cheese. 30. Unpleasant telecast. 31. Measuring, repetitive sound. 32. Dress girlfriend. 33. Minimum sovereignty. 34. Forgotten refrigerated product. 35. My favorite work done every day.


2. An action challenging the decision. 3. Blurred Background. 4. Easy violation in traffic. 5. Opinion by. 8. A sense of social inequality. 10. Clean, but opaque water. 14. Wearing a sweater inside out. 15. scientific discovery without emotional coloring. 16. dull side of the knife. 17. Traces of ink in his pocket. 18. Dust in inaccessible places. 19. The old blanket. 25. Let the coil. 27. Good habit. 28. Experience in versification. 29. The absolute value of the material.



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