Pictures finger. Car experiments Ben Long

This kind of painting was engaged in each of us who accidentally discovers a layer of dust, for example, on your desktop or screen. But British artist Ben Long (Ben Long) hit it perfect. His work is so good that some companies specializing in freight transport, orders him to create another masterpiece on one of their trucks.

Modern realities (economic, industrial, environmental and transport) leads to the fact that in any modern city is difficult to find absolutely pure horizontal or vertical surface - they are quickly covered with a layer of soot were. Someone tries not to pay attention to it, and who is using this mess for their own purposes, as do artists Kortson Allison (Allison Cortson), Moose or Ben Long. That's the work of the latter, we'll talk today.

From his "colleagues" Ben Long is characterized in that it draws not fixed, immovable objects, and on the planes, which are able to move in space. To be precise, this artist makes a work of art with the help of dust and smog settled on trucks. And, for that, he does not use absolutely no extras - only his fingers.

For best results, Ben Long uses visual features colorful advertising, which is usually plastered trucks for commercial operations as an integral part of her images are created in.

You will not find anywhere solo exhibition by Ben Long - his works are travel throughout Europe, and the first rain stop them from pictures in the dirt. Fortunately, in the UK it is still a huge amount of dirty trucks - the author is, where their work to create new.



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