The best outfits in the history of Eurovision

In recent years, the contest "Eurovision" has become not only a vocal competition, but also a real fashion shows. Members are struggling to conquer the audience showy clothes. How to change the fashion contest.

For the first time elected the best European performer in 1956. Then the winner was Lys Assia from Switzerland's lyrical composition «Refrain». She was feminine dress reflected the fashion of the time: fluffy skirt and tight top, with the help of a corset show the same wasp waist, like Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Debut competition set the tone on the outfits until the mid 60s. Performers dressed as a Hollywood movie star. The men were held in high esteem tuxedos, bow ties - all copied polished appearance by Frank Sinatra. Contestants through one looked like Audrey Hepburn. But eventually gave way to the Hollywood glamor bright concert costume. One of the most illustrative examples - along Salom representative of Spain (Salomé), which won the competition in 1969. She wore a light blue dress made of fringe. Singer podtantsovyvat to the beat of rhythmic song and dress easily swayed, as if in the wind.

In 1974, the legendary Swedish group ABBA won the contest in bright velvet suits and high shiny boots, which were isolated from the rest of the four participants, making them look like visitors from the future.

Curiously, shiny jackets, entered into vogue in the era of disco, at the "Eurovision" stayed for a long time. In the picture the performance of the Norwegian duo Bobbysocks back in 1985 (when women have won in the competition). Yes, you read that right: these cardigans are in the locker room of Philip Kirkorov and Beyonce.

And in the photo below shows the Irish band Jedward. Boys in 2011, tried to surprise not only singing, but also shiny outfits. Silhouette of a couple of decades has undergone significant changes, but it's all the same jackets, embroidered with sequins.

The really striking outfits have become in the new millennium. In 2003, the representative of Turkey's Sertab Eren, who won the competition, appeared on the scene in the modernized version of the costume belly dancer. Turk performed the incendiary composition, under which that year was dancing the whole of Europe. In 2009, Sertab Khadija compatriot acted in a similar suit, though he was much frankness. It is the representative of Turkey managed most successfully used in traditional costume contest. Bright costumes harmonize with numbers and singers bring good results.

In 2009, when the designer concert costumes rather tired, particularly distinguished Germany. Alex Christensen appeared on stage with the famous dancer Dita Von Teese, who came in a very frank black corset with a whip in her hand. Of course, the song Alex few people listened.

In 2010, the singer from Azerbaijan, Safura, struck high-tech cards that have LEDs. Attire is literally glowing during his speech, and could change the hue.

In the same year the representative of Malta Thea Garrett stood in the bright satin. The dress would go unnoticed if not for one detail - the rooms at the end of the performer behind revealed huge wings. The effect is not achieved by 3D, but thanks to the dancer, who was standing behind the singer.

A similar method was used member of the group "3 + 2", which in 2010 represented Belarus at the contest. In the final part of the song the girl opened her gown designs on a shiny butterfly wings.

Against the background dresses embroidered with crystals Swarovski, in 2004 Ruslan surprised leather suits, which took away the prize in Ukraine. Two years later, the crusade against the glamor made freaks-winners from the group «Lordi».

But the most brilliant participant in the history of the "Eurovision" we can safely admit Verka Serduchka hat-star. Then the representative of Ukraine took the second place.



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