Sand Sculpture Festival in Berlin

In Berlin festival sand sculpture Sandsation 2010. Sandsation - is both an exhibition and an international competition in which competing master sculptors from around the world.

24 photos of fine sand and beautiful works © gavailer

2. Sandsation 2010 is located near the complex O2 World, which are usually held the largest metropolitan concerts.

3. On an area of ​​4500 square meters. m., which had been brought more than two thousand tons of sand.

4. This year's unique sandy world is called the "head in the sand." A feeling that you get an unusual beach, although not on the sea, and in the center of Berlin.

5. By the way, has summed up the contest, and the best sand sculpture creation recognized by our compatriot Paul Mylnikova. Here it is:

6. It is called «I listen, I hear, I speak».

7. I also liked the sculpture of the Indian master Zudarsana Patnaik (Sudarsan Pattnaik), the winner of last year.

8. Here's a guy Chernomor turned.

9. The Germans also built an interesting construction sand.


11. Incidentally, the figures are not afraid of rain. They are processed by some special adhesive.

12. Some sculptures can stand for a long time in search of meaning.


14. It is interesting to find different items. Look for this sculpture:

15. Canadian sculpture.

16. "TV" Bulgarian masters.

17. Sculpture Ukrainian masters Irina Taflevskoy.

18. The Americans won the second place.

19. Denmark - the third.


21. There are also other entertainment events and contests. Children under the guidance of experienced sculptors can feel "sandy" masters. In conclusion, I want to show a Jordanian who skillfully create masterpieces out of the sand in miniature.


23. His work. Small bottle can be purchased for 10 euros.




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