10 conspiracy theories, which exist

7. Twitter

If you listen to the supporters of the conspiracy, you understand - "Tweets" is not just annoying, narcissistic thinking about this or that event. Just this year, the Library of Congress said it will keep all tweets forever. Given the fact that most of the tweets are spam or minor posts such as "Mymozhembyt friends if you hate Vasya," one might wonder why they score their servers so meaningless information? The answer is simple. They just keep track of the exchange of a secret code between double agents in other countries.

8. Youtube

If you will look good, then no doubt will find on Youtube bunch of different kinds of video where you warn about various forms of conspiracy. However, there is a theory that really provokes Youtube conspiracy theorists spread their views on this issue in order to be more aware. And the more this theory is closer to the truth, the more efforts are being made to discredit her.

9. Cookies, changing prices on Amazon

Many conspiracy theorists believe that we have a new cause for concern. The fact that there are cookies that control rates Amazon. These cookies are instantly change the price of the goods that we are going to buy, activating even before we have a product to the cart.

10. State Supercomputer

Doing the circle we again come to the fictional supercomputer from "War Games." Some believe that there is a computer power, against which Google sees a child's toy. Did you know that the PlayStation supercomputer and using the same processor?

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