Fimkultura and sports in pre-revolutionary times

Interesting Pictures of the 12 vintage photos via babs71

All-Russian Exhibition hygienic 1913. Demonstrations of the Women's Trade School of the Imperial Philanthropic Society named Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna:

Groups at the rink. Petersburg. Tauride Gardens. 1908:

Racing Hockey Yusupov Garden. Second defeat yusupovtsev. "Narva" - winners. Petersburg. 1914:

Krestovskiy Lawn Tennis Club. Players on court before the game. June 24, 1905:

A competitor at classic wrestling GK Koshcheev. 1900:

World Championship fight on Nevsky French sketing ring. Petersburg. 1912

Velodrome in Strelna. Riders at the start of the competition. Petersburg. 1896:

Cyclist. Beginning XX-th century:

Mstislav Dobuzhinsky bike. 1880 Year:

E. Lasker, Mikhail Chigorin, B. Steinitz, P. Pillsbury. Chess tournament in St. Petersburg in the years 1895-1896:

A. Alekhine gives a simul in the chess club. Petersburg. 1913:

Alexander Alekhine and JR Capablanca playing. Chess tournament. Petersburg. 1914



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