Naturally, about Valentine

Well, as the same day this February 14, about what else to write.

It is not just a holiday, but simply the soul pleasing topic for sociology students. Here are just take and describe Valentine's Day in Russia under the theme "The artificial formation of a sociocultural phenomenon».

Well, apart from the fact that the holiday alien introduced by us from the outside. Moreover, a holiday, make a holiday company that makes the cards (there is a version quite believable).

Then another wonder why he so easily have spread? At what point that is just to say "I do not celebrate Valentine's Day," I do not know such a celebration & quot ;, as immediately received a "-100" in karma and other medals of the negative perception of your society.

Why he was so popular, not even looking at what seems to be renewed interest in the native Slavic culture, because there are few who do not know about the holiday, Midsummer (Ivan Kupala - Christian Slavic holiday, made on the basis of ancient Kupala - the pagan festivals)? < br /> Maybe the point is that in order to celebrate Midsummer, it is necessary to work hard? At least a little. Learn the story of the holiday paraphernalia, find people celebrating it and / or to become one.
And with Valentine easier. The story of a priest, crowning homosexual couples and punished for what we hear everywhere, postcards, stuffed hearts and other tinsel us helpfully vparivayut on every corner, there is only relieved to merge with the crowd in ecstasy.

That sweeping artificially created holiday of our lands, walks well and confidently. And begin to gnaw doubt that hardly as wide Midsummer will be celebrated. Or, it's for the better? After all, it's easier and easier. Surrender to the socio-cultural level to submit and later at the state level ...

Love is a beautiful thing. It's great. Denying Valentine's Day, I do not deny this feeling, without which life becomes odnoobroaznym saturation organic organics. Just Kupala closer to me. And honestly.

I apologize for the picture with demotivators.



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