Heavenly place - Niue Island

Niue is very small; it takes just one island, which is also called Niue and is an extinct volcano.
It is home to just 1,300 people, including about five hundred - in the capital, the village of Alofi.
The government of Niue is in free association with New Zealand, but in almost all matters except foreign policy is controlled independently.

The island was settled around the I century BC, well, now the question is: who are the first Europeans visited on this island? That's right: as always on our cruise, James Cook, who called it the Island Savages because of aggressive meeting, to give him the local people. Life changing: nowadays rarely where you will meet such friendly and smiling locals on the island of Niue.

The country is living through grants allocated to New Zealand. Tourism in Niue is not developed; industry is not. Some contribution to the economy brings to agriculture. Legislative power is exercised by the Parliament of Niue in the country, which consists of one representative from each of the fourteen villages of the island and six people chosen by popular vote. The executive branch consists of the prime minister and three ministers. In Niue there is one political party and, moreover, the national football team, which to date has participated in only two international matches: Tahiti (lost with a score of 0:14) and Papua - New Guinea (lost with a score of 0:19) .

In 2005, virtually the entire infrastructure of the island was destroyed by a powerful cyclone. Much has failed to recover so far.

Niue - the only country in the world, completely covered with free internet.

The weather that day was favorable landing with a raid on the shore with the help of motor-boats. Here, as in Rarotonga, the company Holland America Line does not offer tours, but we were waiting on the shore of a few locals who have the desired his services as a guide to the island.


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