"The best defense - attack"

In the neighboring countries and the Russian Federation is constantly raising the issue of "occupied" territories of us. Sometimes, at the state level as in Japan, somewhere on the level of public organizations (Finland), private opinions, historical concepts (China).

In Moscow, usually just "kicking" justified. But it is known that the best defense - attack! Maybe, too, it is time to submit a claim to neighboring countries over the occupied Russian, Slavic lands, we bought, won by the sword lands. Not even at the state level - quite on the level of the public to cool the ardor of the western and eastern adventurers. Japanese authorities and the public are perhaps the most aggressive neighbors of the Russian Federation in terms of the requirements to give "the occupied territories", the so-called "northern territories", they even have a special day est.Tokio repeatedly states that the Southern Kuril Islands - is their "native land of Japan." But if you look into the history books of the northern island of Hokkaido to the middle of the 19th century was not Japanese. And the territory north of it, much less to call native Japanese. They are still in the time of Catherine II were in Irkutsk governorship until Shikotan Island.

After the defeat in World War II was a plan, approved by Marshal Vasilevsky, according to which we departed half of the island of Hokkaido "to the north of a line running from the city to the city of Kushiro DIA." USSR deserved its "share" of the US aid, but it would be at war with Japan of 1946-1947.

Moscow is worth remembering that peace is not signed with Tokyo and demand territorial concessions, and you can take a contribution.



If China is hysteria about the Russian Empire occupied the Maritime region, Southern Siberia, we can remember that we belong to the land in the area of ​​the CER, the so-called "Zheltorossiya." Yes, and Port Arthur gave Khrushchev illegally. He was convicted as a voluntarist, its decisions can we annulirovat.Kazahstan

When activated Kazakh Russian Nazis have the full moral, historical right (and the right of force than they stop us ?!) to return the land of almost half the territory of modern Kazakhstan. This land never belonged to Kazakhs, they have mastered the Russian Cossacks and peasants.


Finnish non-governmental organizations (such as "Karelian Union") constantly remember "the question of Karelia." We were at war with Finland in the 20th century, four times - three times in Finland was the instigator of the war. While this question is "dormant," but at any time (as in the Russian Federation will destructive processes) it will come to the state level.

We must constantly at all levels, remember that Finland as the state emerged voluntarily Russian emperors. Could in fact and not to give statehood and make Helsinki province, to settle Russian peasants. And soon, the Finns, like the other Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia, would be Russian. We can present a number of territorial claims, but we can remember that the entire territory of Finland belongs to us. And demanded ransom, if they want freedom - think of the figures, the Commission will gather members of the Academy of Sciences, calculate how much they owe us for years of illicit freedom.


Here all the grace - almost all of these areas bought Peter from Sweden. You can calculate how much they owe us for freedom. Peter demanded the return of silver, with interest, then pay for all the buildings of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union - virtually the entire infrastructure of the three "Baltic dwarfs." Giving will centuries.

Kaliningrad problem

German elite is quite calm in this matter, hysteria is not allowed, it is thanks to her. Although from time to time, "trial balloons" different authors start. In the case of activation demands to revise the results of World War II. Especially in terms of Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad lot we can remember.

 - Most of today's Germany - a land of Slavic tribes, our direct relatives. Father Rurik Godolyub there was land ownership (degrees Rerik), and Rurik - our prince, you can claim back. Anyway to clear the territory of the Slavs - obodrichey, Polabian, Pomeranians, Ruyan, Wagram, Borus, lutici and so on.

 - Modern Kaliningrad region was conquered by the Teutonic knights in the 13th century only at the Prussian tribes (Balto-Slavic origin), so and call it indigenous lands of the Germans, as well as a large part of Germany, you can not.

 - You can require, if we review the decisions of the Yalta-Potsdam system to give Poland, a third in Germany (Silesia, Pomerania, Pomerania), Lithuanian Klaipeda.


To recognize Khrushchev's decision illegal and require the return of Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk regions. You can simply enter the army, they will be greeted with flowers and occupy these territories.

Hungary and Romania

At the end of the Great Patriotic War, Stalin was a very gentle and kind. We can reconsider his decision and to demand compensation (with interest!) For the atrocities their troops on our territory. Documents of this is. The territories will not take. But from the financial benefits to give silly.

Land ownership and the gold of the Russian Empire

After the collapse of the Russian Empire, a number of our "good neighbors" seized expensive plots of land ownership - this bay the French Riviera, and land in Paris, and hundreds and hundreds of other sites across Europe. They cost billions of weighty gold rubles (and still have to take into account the percentage of a decade of use), and none of us is not going to give. Although it is our lawful property.

It must be "edge" to put the question of the "royal gold" - banks in Japan, Britain, France and other countries have received dozens of tons of gold, but the contract is not fulfilled (weapons, such as Kolchak not set). Plus interest, for nearly a century. They owe us a tremendous amount that can be several times to modernize Russia. And Moscow is silent, it can also be a powerful factor in our pressure - we should just indescribable amount.


To begin to reverse the decision of Gorbachev (him tried for treason) on the impact of the US Bering Sea shelf. Then collect a commission of wise men, and begin to discuss the question of the legality of the sale and return California (Fort Ross), Alaska, the Aleutian Islands.


Get maps of the Russian Empire (its legal successor - the USSR and the Russian Federation - the legal successor of the USSR) and say that Poland - our territory legally. After this start the issue of "redemption" to freedom. And if there is a tangible asset, I'm sorry, but we have to learn the Russian language ...

Enough to repent and apologize, it's time to remember that we are a nation that does not know equal in battle. And if so, there is nothing to indicate to us that we have someone we can prove that we all need.



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