As we goslings saved.

Canadian wild geese birds have loyal, caring, but rather glupye.Kazhdy year they arrange on the roof of our factory own incubator, trying to bring ptentsov.Kazhdy time they have to confront all sorts of crows and gulls, that and strive to destroy gnёzda.A what happens at the output ? .. Can pokazat.Odinnadtsat pictures, very fresh, and all the love.
That geese somehow tightened.

2. And that peers into the distance.

3.Okazyvaetsya, goslings have already appeared, and the mother is calling them to jump off the roof to earth

4.No goslings still too malenkie.i can not get over the barrier.

5.Poshli find a way out.

6.I support in these.
So, why geese caring, but stupid? Yes potomu.chto until they see a threat, they defend their brood, whether zdorov.No as no one in sight, they immediately can safely fly on pozhrat.A a result?
So, after a couple of hours in this family there was one that went to gusёnok.i odinochestve.poka adults grazing on the lawn.

7.Nado had to take matters into their own ruki.tem more roof no water, no pischi.Plyus, found yet another goose family with four small, which shines on the roof is the same joyless perspektiva.Prishlos drag the box in which they put all gusyat.oognav adults.

8.Vot they birthmarks

9.Spustilis down, came to the place where the top of the crow-parents sideli.Slyshu gogochat.I chicks squeak squeak vovsyu.Vzroslye heard and flew down.

10.Vytrusili we malyshni out of the box and went towards pruda.tam sumeystvo voda.i and food, and the place is not open.

11.Pyaty gusёnok also poshёl.Vnachale them somehow to the side, but then fell in.
PSEto family every day I see from the window as they pluck the grass along the pond or plavayut.K Unfortunately, there are only three gusёnka-crows and magpies with all sorts of coyotes otmenyal.A no one can, foster their parents met.
We will monitor.
PPSKak times now look, this family walks the walk, parents and three malenkih.I came Madame, who helped me to catch geese-transportirovat.Govorit yesterday coyote came up, and it's a day before she was chasing predators eagle that circled low of goose arealom.Zaschitnitsa animals, however.



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