Predatory caracal

Caracal predatory mammal of the cat family. For a long time attributed to the caracal lynx, which actually looks like, but a number of genetic characteristics highlight it in a separate genus, nevertheless caracal is closest to the lynx than other cats.

1. Just Caracal known as desert or Berber trot. Externally Caracal resembles a lynx, but smaller, slimmer and with a monochromatic color. The body length of 65-82 cm, tail - 25-30 cm, height at the shoulder about 45 cm; weight - 11-19 kg. The ears and tassels to 5 cm at the ends, and legs developed from coarse hair brush, which facilitates the movement of the sand.

2. The fur is rather short and thick, sandy hair color or a reddish-brown top, bottom whitish; on the sides of the muzzle black markings. Brushes and outer side of the ears - black. Just found caracals-black melanistic, but very rarely.

3. Lives Caracal in arid regions, in all sorts of deserts, sand, glinyastyh. Caracal found in the savannah and steppes, foothills and hilly areas where lives in bushes and trees. Caracal photo.

4. Prefers nocturnal, but in the spring and winter out of the shelter during the day. It shelters are burrows of porcupines and foxes, and sometimes he uses them for several years. Spring caracal may lie just under the bushes.


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