Fluffy children of the desert

Now you see the unusual animals that belong to the species to adapt to the difficult environment in the desert.
These small, furry and clumsy and live in such a harsh place.
Not the best place to live, you might say. It turns out no, they feel comfortable.


Take a look at this charming creature! It Fenech, the smallest member of the canine world. The first thing that strikes in mind - a disproportionately large ears, as compared to the body. Fenech is endowed with excellent hearing. He could hear the rustle of their prey deep underground.

Kangaroo jumper horde.

This little pest lives in North America. The female can produce up to 15 babies a year. One of the biggest threats they face - the loss of their natural habitat due to climate change.

The African wild dog.

These cute puppies are still known as "painted dogs" because of their fuzzy pictures on the body. The animal is the largest representative of the canine in Africa. Unfortunately, due to the overcrowding of people of African wild dogs - an endangered species.


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