History microwave

The advent of a miracle technology we have to engineer Percy Spencer.
Back in 1945, he worked on the modernization of the radar transmitter (such as in the photo).

Being in front of the magnetron used to create beams of radar, he felt something was wrong.

Reaching into his pocket, where lay his dinner - fresh chocolate cupcake, Spencer discovered that the chocolate coating melts and glasses of cupcakes, like water. He asked his colleagues package with corn grains, and after a few minutes they both watched as the magnetron jumps on a real popcorn. Thus was born the idea of ​​the microwave.

The first commercial microwave oven sample weighed about 300 kilograms, barely entered the doorway and was worth about $ 5,000. By the time Spencer's death in 1970 microwave ovens cost much cheaper and they can be found in 17% of American households.

It should be noted that Percy Spencer for his long life has created more than 300 inventions in various branches of science and technology - very good for a man who did not even have a higher education.

The first microwave looked like:


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