Foreign celebrities in the war

Continuing the theme of celebrity pictures on the war spread and foreign heroes. Pay attention, it is famous, and not specifically the actors or poets, etc.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the French fleet officer

I want to share with you the history of life of his brother Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Pierre-Antonin Cousteau (brother of Jacques-Yves) started out as a Communist in the early 30's changed the outlook on the fascist, Nazi Reich visited (bw Nuremberg Congress in 1937) and Franco's Spain during the Civil War. In the 2 MW was called, was taken prisoner, but was released on hodotaystvam fellow collaborators. He was a guide fascist organization «Je suis partout», in 1941, was the editor of «Paris-Soir», since 1942 was a member of the pro-Nazi militia gen.sekretariat «Milice». Said: "We are not collaborators. We remain just fascists. " In August 1944, he fled to Germany, where he took part in broadcasting France and issue appropriate agitliteratury in French. After Victory tried to escape to Switzerland, was caught and sentenced to death, commuted to penal servitude pozhinennuyu, amnestied in 1954. After his release, he published far-right newspaper, organized a small political group. He died in Paris at the age of 52 years.

Clark Gable, arrows bomber

Jimmy Stewart, as a bomber pilot, he said, until August 1943, was an instructor pilot training, and then insisted on the transfer to the front, and in December 1943 Stewart is in England. To his credit at least 20 bombing sorties on object

Tony Curtis

"Some Like It Hot»

RIP 29.09.2010

Lee Marvin, USMC, party landing on Saipan, was awarded the Purple Heart

Charles Bronson, arrows bomber

the great jazz musician Glenn Miller

Jean Marais

Demobilized in June 40th. Most showed courage, spoiling face fascist journalist Lobra.
"Marcel Carne offered him a role in his film, so Jean refused other roles in films and appeared spotless collaboration with the Nazis. Cocteau was looking for a theater where he could put his new play "Typewriter" where Jean had to play two roles - Maximus and Pascal. A few days before the premiere of journalists sobschili that Alain Lobra, pro-fascist newspaper critic, is preparing to criticize the play Cocteau, even reading and not seeing it. Jean vowed to fill a muzzle to this criticism, if that happens. Lobra blew the play and the actors to the nines. And Jean Marais made good on his word - to meet Lobra, he beat him. The next day, it seems the whole of Paris, actors, theater director called him and thanked. A newspaper announced Jean "worst actor of Paris."

Only treatment Cocteau to the highest circles of pro-Hitler saved him from serious problems. In its resistance did not take because of homosexuality and chronic gab. This he mentions in his biography.

Well, then ...
"Finally, Paris was liberated, Jean decided to join the Division Leclerc, he became an assistant driver tanker for refueling tanks and believes, wrongly received an award for bravery - Military Cross. For that eating jam sitting in the cab of his truck, head of the engine to warm up. And the order of command, which he did not know then was that drivers must remain in trucks, not stops the engine. & Quot;

He fought, he is certainly better on the screen.

Jean Gabin, the Free French tanker and Marlene Dietrich (engaged in propaganda)

David Niven, a lieutenant colonel participated in the D Day
Before the attack, said his subordinates: "Listen guys, you do it once, but I have to do it all over again with Errol Flynn!»

Alec Guinness, a member of the Normandy landings

"The Bridge on the River Kwai»

Played Obi Wan in the classic Star Wars trilogy



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