Challenge Bibendum 2011

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In the second half of May in Berlin held an unusual event with a funny name Challenge Bibendum (Eng. Challenge Bibendum). This scientific conference and an international forum and exhibition of achievements of the automotive industry. Held since 1998, it is a major French company manufacturer of tires. Company Symbol probably know everything - it's a pot-bellied man inflatable composed of tires with different diameters. His name is Bibendum, whose name was called and the event.

2001 - Los Angeles, 2003 - San Francisco, 2004 - Shanghai, 2006 - Paris, 2010 - Rio de Janeiro and finally, 2011 - Berlin. The singularity of the last Challenge was that the organizers of the first few days of the event were presented to the public. Almost everyone had a chance to test the new electric and gidroavtomobili and vehicles using hydrogen as a fuel. I did not lose this opportunity.

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3. Exhibition and Forum sections of some open to the public in the days settled in Tempelhof. The place was not chosen by chance: in the former legendary Airport is perfectly located site for a test drive.

4. Inside the former terminal is an exhibition of technology development.

5. On display historic cars.

6. The main objective of Challenge: to unite the efforts of companies and the transport industry to find solutions for the development of urban mobility. This sehadis leading automakers, refiners and international organizations for the protection of the environment. The main topics are: batteries, and liquid biofuels, hydrogen and environmentally friendly transport. However, I will not delve much into the technical details, smoothly move on to test drive. Pre-registration took place in the terminal. Every registered user will automatically become participants. Anyone who has the right, could spell the driver, the one who does not - could test the bike, Segway or just ride as a passenger.


8. Very long wanted to ride a Segway - self-balancing electric scooter.


10. Bibendum has stood a great opportunity. Learning to drive can be a minute. I was delighted.

11. To register a driver for individual producers, it is necessary, first, to have time to register (wanting very much), and secondly, to fill in some paperwork. I managed povodit 3 cars. The first was an electric Renault (Renault ZE).

12. The most unusual - a quiet start "engine." Frankly, the car itself I did not like. To generate additional energy when reverting foot off the gas pedal the car begins to slow down, you need to get used to.

13. The second was the Nissan Leaf (Nissan Leaf) - the new electric vehicle, released in the final of the prestigious European competition "Car of the Year 2011".




17. Sit down with a representative of the company in the car, we collect the passengers and drove off. While moving on range, a spokesman for Nissan's all podrobnenko tells about the device and characteristics. In one place, you can accelerate to a hundred and twenty kilometers. In general, cool machine, very high-spirited for the electric vehicle. I like it.



20. The third was a hydrogen Opel (GM HydroGen4). Serious beast liked the most.



23. Very surprised Porsche Challenge on presenting its electric vehicles (!). Yes, this is the Porsche - which produces luxury sports cars.


25. There was a Boxster, Panamera was. Ride they could just as a passenger. And then, everything was painted for many hours to come.



28. Electro-van DHL.

29. The device on solar batteries.


31. exhibition stands were also very interesting. Here you can experience yourself as a victim. Objective: To get out of the car in inverted form. It held a small instruction how to behave in such a situation.

32. It was possible to drive on the simulator.


34. Here is an interesting event. More pictures.












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