Ideal robbery

This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most romantic robbery in the history of mankind. 40 years, the FBI can not find a polite man, "looking like a businessman who prefers bourbon and cigarettes are good, however, knows perfectly aeronautics and rules of survival in the wild." (8 pictures I finish, I will unsubscribe)

November 24, 1971 on board the aircraft "Boeing 747-100" voyages number 305 in Seattle rose man in an expensive suit and dark glasses. If he himself had only a small case. Cases of the passengers in those days did not cause suspicion among airport employees. The man sat in a chair and disappeared among the passengers like him, hurrying to Seattle for the festive evening of Thanksgiving Day. The plane took off and quickly gained altitude, everything was normal ...

Somewhere in the middle of a flight passenger in an expensive suit called the conductor, ordered a bourbon and soda, and when she returned with a tray, smiled and handed her a note: "Sit next to me." The man opened the little case and showed the flight attendant and two sticks of dynamite fuse. Two wires lay in his left hand, ready to link up at any time.
 - Be kind, - said politely passenger - pass this note to the pilot.

The note stated that he will blow up the plane if it is not near the airport will be transferred to 200 thousand dollars in used bills and four parachutes. The pilots contacted the ground and decided to land the plane without panic in Seattle. 150 passengers were chatting quietly, waiting for the emergency landing and merry festive dinner. When the plane landed, handsfree announced that due to technical problems delayed the landing of passengers, cabin buzzed angrily. Only a man in a suit smiled, sipping his bourbon.

However, he kept his word and let all passengers as soon as the plane was refueled, and he was given a big bag full of 20-dollorovymi bills, as well as 4 of the parachute. The plane took off again, and at the request of a man with glasses, headed for Mexico City. Behind him in the sky soared two jet interceptor. Letting robber no one was going.

 - Tell the pilot to my requirements - he said the flight attendant - Let flaps 15, if not eliminates chassis keeps the height of 3000 meters and a speed of no more than three hundred and twenty.

It was an exact calculation. The fighters could not fly so slowly and had to circle the "Boeing", often losing sight of him. Overboard rising storm, the sky overcast with black clouds quickly. Visibility dropped to a critical level. Man in suit checked the time and asked the flight attendant to go into the cockpit and close there. Then he put on his parachute, clipped to a belt bag with the money, took the case and opened the back door, off the plane. The pilots noticed that the cabin pressure fell sharply, the indicator blinked open the door. The man paused for a moment, looking at the raging abyss, and then boldly stepped into her arms ...

"Boeing" some time later landed safely in Reno, Nevada. None of the crew was injured. In the search for the fugitive had been thrown unprecedentedly large force. He searched the police, the military, the National Guard and the local people, but if he vanished. It took 40 years, and no one still does not know where it went. It can be safely reached Mexico and lives there still denr and can be drowned in the lake, which apparently landed, and his remains lie on the bottom with the bag full of 20-dollorovymi bills ... How do I know? It took many years and thousands of pilgrims, seekers of treasures and curious people along and across the probable landing place combed the robber, but found nothing. The FBI said that the man died in the lake, but no evidence of this version is not provided.

All have already started podzabyvat the lucky robbers as a boy in 1980, strolling along the lake with his father, found in the sand pack rotten 20-dollar bills. Their number matches a number of bills issued 9 years ago robber. This discovery gave rise to more questions, and drew a new wave of treasure seekers. By the way, still no more than 20 dollorovaya bill of "production robber" anywhere in the world and has not appeared.

A man dressed as planned and carried out the ideal operation, without harming any of his hostages. He was for many years became a symbol of the modern "Robin Hood", inspired by the mass of researchers, directors and writers. He was followed by a wave of America "robbers parachutists," but none of them was able to escape justice. Furthermore, the airlines after the incident ruled out the possibility of opening the door, the ladder during the flight. Many came after the police stations to give up, pretending to be a burglar, or recognized in his identikit of their friends. Yes, it was a lot of noise, but no one so still does not know what really happened to a man in an expensive suit after he stepped toward the roaring abyss ...

PS During the check-in number 305 man introduced himself as Dan Cooper. Later it turned out that the so-called pilot - the protagonist of the then popular Canadian comic.

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