"VKontakte" gave holders IP-addresses

Social network "VKontakte" voluntarily disclosed the record company Gala Records / EMI IP-addresses of users who post pirated content on the site. This July 4th the newspaper "Kommersant".

Deputy General Director of Gala Records / EMI Olga Kim told reporters that during the trial, "VKontakte" gave us information on the ten users illegally downloaded on to the network and composition group Infinity singer Maksim. According to Kim, the representatives of the social network offered the holders to file suits against those users.

However, Gala Records / EMI are not satisfied with this decision, because the company can not establish the identity of users on IP-addresses (representatives 'VKontakte' claim, which does not have the right to do so). "In addition, Gala Records is not going to sue individuals who, in contrast to the 'VKontakte' not earn their content" - added Kim.

The representative of "VKontakte" Vladislav Tsyplukhin, in turn, told "Kommersant" that the administration of the social network is trying as much as possible to protect the interests of rights holders. According Tsyplukhin, unlicensed track can be removed on request without the possibility of subsequent injection. Rightholder can provide, and the right of self-removal. "But when it comes to financial claims, we believe that the answer should be directly those who have committed unlawful act, ie users" - said Tsyplukhin.

The proceedings concerning the illegal placement of "VKontakte" Infinity songs and Maksim lasts from spring 2011. Gala Records / EMI requires the administration of social network 1, 15 million rubles.

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