Photographs of celebrities of the 19th century

In every time and in every country had its celebrities, let's look at these people from the 19th century!

Felix Nadar - pseudonym of Gaspard-Felix Turnashona (01/04/1820 - 23/03/1910), a photographer, cartoonist, journalist, writer and balloonist. He made his first photo in 1853 and was the first who started to use artificial light in photography. In 1863, he built a huge balloon (6,000 cubic meters), inspired by Jules Verne's story, "Five Weeks in a Balloon." Although the project was unsuccessful, Nadar was convinced that the future of the ponderous aeronautic machines. Nadar later became president of the company he founded in the movement of heavy vehicles aeronautic ("The Society for the Encouragement of Aerial Locomotion by Means of Heavier than Air Machines" - sorry for inaccurate translation), and Jules Verne became secretary of the society. Nadar was the prototype of Michael Ardan in Verne's novel "From the Earth to the Moon." In 1974 he provided his photo studio known for its Impressionist exhibitions.

Portrait of Felix Nadar 1865

Jules Verne 1885

Alexandre Dumas 1855

Claude Debussy 1908

Emile Zola, 1895

Peter Kropotkin 1870

George Sand 1877

George Sand (fr. George Sand, real name - Aurora Amandine Lucille Dupin (fr. Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin); July 1, 1804 - June 8, 1876) - French writer.

Jacques Offenbach 1860

Franz Liszt 1880

Claude Monet 1899

Ilya Mechnikov

Honore de Balzac

Alexander III



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