Constitute the generalized portrait

Recently, a survey was conducted, during which it was to find out the preferences of readers PL regarding whatever political leader they would like to see at the head of Russia's hard times.

Constitute the generalized portrait of the person to whom we are willing to entrust the management of the country. Let's start with identikit:

1. The majority of respondents have voted for Joseph Stalin, albeit with some reservations. Stalin respected for an uncompromising fight against corruption, with the strength of character, with the ability to come out on top of the most hopeless situations. At the same time, many say they would not be the revival of the dictatorship, that is ready to vote for Stalin, but for his softer, modernized version. The question of whether it is possible to combine these qualities leave for later, but for now we add to our sketch of the first element:

2. It is popular and Vladimir Lenin. Mainly for the highest level of intelligence, with the ability to carry out bold and ambitious reforms. In an emergency, these qualities would be very useful to the new leader of the country. Add to the sketch of the second element:

3. Many remembered the Peter the Great, a leader, thanks to the personal irrepressible energy and thirst for change certainly could carry out the same "modernization breakthrough" about which so much talk today. Take away the third element:

4. Many readers would like to see the head of state Peter Stolypin. Its value for personal courage, look at trivial matters of government, reform capacity. Take away the final element, and look what happened:

Here is a generalized portrait of a political leader, whom are ready to vote, many Internet users. Of course, the composition of this composite picture is only entertainment, but every joke has some truth and some politicians would do well to listen to what qualities of character expected from the leader of the country's inhabitants.



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