Portrait of singer Adele (Adele) from ordinary candles

Chinese artist Red continues to amaze his infinite imagination. If you remember, we have already shown her portrait of the 750 pairs of socks and another portrait painted traces of a coffee cup. Now, in the course went candles.

Recall that hides behind a pseudonym Red girl named Hong Yi (Hong Yi), who lives and works in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai. Inspired by the Summer Olympic Games, which were held in London, she decided to create a portrait of one of his favorite singers - Adele (Adele). According to Red, the portrait represents at once the four basic elements. Portrait created on earth, melt the candle flame, and the wind was blowing and melting wax resembled tears (water). At the end of the video material, see creating a portrait, as well as previous work girl when she created a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg of a large number of sheets of paper.



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