Uporotyh fox new sample

The creator uporotyh fox Morse Adele (Adele Morse) has introduced an updated version of his masterpiece.
This picture shows a sample of the old fox, a cat and go look at the update.

Here is the creator uporotyh fox Morse Adele (Adele Morse)

Here it is - a new masterpiece.

The history of the fox
The British Morozera Adele enjoys stuffed animals, she told us that uporotyh fox became its first major scarecrow. Previously, she is more fond of carcasses of small animals.

While working on a fox, a scarecrow was spoiled and Adele threw it in the attic. As a result, onLisa lain there for a year. However, when the taxidermist decided to move, Adel discovered stuffed and decided not to throw away and keep the.

Unfortunately, uporotyh fox occupy much space, so the Briton decided to sell it, putting a scarecrow at the auction eBay

According to British women, she did not expect that uporotyh foxes become so popular in Russian social networks. However uporotyh Fox was sold for just 330 pounds (about 17 thousand) in October 2012.

Source: ibigdan.livejournal.com, uporotijlis.ru


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