About my city ....

We have an observation deck in the city
But it is only visible from the service entrance of the palace of sports. View Trinity Suburb qualitatively closes growing tree

A usche in our town there HOTEL & quot; *** Y & quot; ... but with a certain observation point from its added another 1 star
Only local Aborigines knew it, Mr. CA Anniversary

And in our town have free clock toilet /
It is necessary vestch during the holiday town or salute. Find the smell was not difficult. The girls inside the boys for Christmas trees. If I could pick anyone guessed it at least one meter from the ground ...

Well, a group of citizens from which drinking has become a "property" during the celebration of the city will probably take out a free taxi:

Because horses refuse

There are institutions such as cafes, usually with self - "CAFETERIA" - on Belarusian sounds kind of like "KAVYARNYA».
and it is a miracle of nature in the city center in what language called?

Usually when a restaurant is so called HOTEL-like and hotels. And we in the Hotels "Belarus" restaurant called "Belarus»?
If there was a HOTEL "Estonia", the restaurant was to "Estonian"?

And we have trees growing in the most unusual places:
... Girls, look closely at the way ... SURPRA-A-A-A-Aes !!!

From this there are in Minsk a joke humor of our architects, urban planners pavilonomm between the exhibition and the 7th hospital

Who does not have enough space on the balcony - zabivayutPeredvizhnoy balcony

The streets are funny road signs - UlYbYvaytes!

And workers in the struggle for ZhESa heat savings and minimum spending his idle battery in the full form is left only on the ground floor! And on the other floors, it looks like this (Voronianskogo 4/1):

in fact as well as repair the porch - begins and ends only on the 1st floor ...

Builder sleeps salary goes ...


Man has always hides in itself its essence. Outside, he seeks to comply with the law of the crowd, but the balcony is a mirror of the soul ...
4 balconies - 4 of fate - 4 soul

And just for the fun of life

The construction market Zhdanovichi.

Discounter "for a week»

Supermarket "ALMI" on robin (opposite the "Green maple»)

Sugar masikruetsya a herring ... even masakiruyut price! (Supermarket at the crossroads Rublevskoye Glebko-Pritytskogo)

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