What is the bergamot

About tea with bergamot know everything, but not everyone realizes it looks like this is the bergamot and that's it.

Bergamot - a plant family Rutaceae. This is a very large family: it has trees and shrubs, and herbs, and combines them one property - they are very much essential oils.

Citrus, which include bergamot, too, are a subfamily of rue. Bergamot is not growing in nature - it is believed that he derived a man. Accurate information about this, however, is not: it is assumed that it happened in China, but when it was, the scientists do not know exactly. There is another version, a very interesting bergamot is not a hybrid - its appearance is caused by a mutation of an orange.

In Europe, bergamot began to grow in Italy - in the province of Calabria. The name of the fruit, according to one version, the name comes from the city of Bergamo - not far from this city were built plantations of bergamot, and at one time it was even called "Bergamo orange." It is believed that the use of bergamot first learned French perfumers, wanting to give a flavor of the spirits live. According to other sources, bergamot first used in Italy, created on the basis of his cologne essential oil, and it happened more in the XIV century, in one of the Florentine monasteries. Secrets of «aqua regina» - «the royal water" until the second half of the XVII century, could not find one, though many have tried. Only a pharmacist from Cologne was able to do it, so that today the majority of people think that cologne - «Eau De Cologne», «Cologne Water" - actually first appeared in this city.

As you can see, the history of bergamot in human society began with its use in the manufacture of perfumes - the area where it has been successfully used today. Rather, in the perfumes and cosmetics used oil of bergamot, and very widely. In southern Italy, bergamot is grown until now: he's growing well, because he loves the heat and humidity. Other regions, where it is also growing, albeit in somewhat smaller quantities - China, India, the country's Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Bergamot tree can reach 10 meters in height, and its spiny branches; But when the tree blossoms, its flowers are very beautiful and they smell just wonderful. Fruiting tree with the beginning of autumn to winter, and many citrus and bergamot sliced ​​fruit like a lemon or orange. It should be noted that bergamot is often grown for essential oil: it is obtained not only from the rind of the fruit, but also from the flowers, leaves and even the young shoots of the plant.


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