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Writes blogger saoirse-2010:

Almost every boy in his childhood admiration for the fighters, and I am no exception. I remember were still at the Tushino air show where I was brought parents, where I first saw live a variety of aircraft. Of course it was all very interesting, I wanted to know how they work, to get into the cab, touch them. But then that I did not succeed. Much time has passed, I grew up, but the baby inside me still alive and he is interested in all the same things as before. And for what wanted to grow up before? In order to make their own decisions, to do silly things and fulfill their dreams. And finally, another childhood dream fulfilled, this time I fully touched the aircraft sat in the cockpit and saw firsthand the process of assembling a fighter and as a child forgot to ask permission to do so; )

Under the cut 40 photos

1. To attend this workshop was chosen the perfect time. Under ideal time, I mean, Friday and summer short nights. This picture was taken almost blind at maximum exposure and large ISO.

2. A short night is a must for this kind of outings. As for the display frame can not use a flashlight or flash. Every moment was getting lighter and easier to remove.

3. To be honest to say that there is was scary, so we tried to move noiselessly and how you can spend less time on photography.


5. The nose cone. Why is the right one icon radiation I do not know.

6. Stapel with MiG.

7. Various parts for assembly.

8. Each aircraft of this design is tied to its master.

9. It is not collected until the end of the tail.

10. Pay attention to the dust, it is very much on the aircraft in this part of the shop.

11. MiGs very much. Chances are held here a modification of the old fighters.

12. In the frame of the tripod of my friend. Although already seen everything, but to shoot without a tripod is not yet real.

13. The closer to the main part of the workshop, all the well-groomed. I think the factory is simply not enough workers, and therefore to all aircraft arms reach.


15. In order to design the right track and have turntables.

16. As I understand it - the MiG 29 KUB.

17. Keeley.

18. MiG-29 KUB spent his first flight in 2007, so it's a relatively new aircraft.


20. We are now very quietly sneak into the main part of the shop. Here is a monument to Lenin delayed us for a few minutes, from a distance it seemed professional.

21. As usual at plants trees.

22. Pay attention to the floor, we thought at first it is wet, but he just polished to a shine.

23. There probably are in the final stages of assembly.


25. A little more, and it can fly. Judging by the flags in Italy.


27. In the Quality Excellence were two names. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that, as there is little masters in the shop working.

28. This part of the workshop generally exemplary. Everything is clean, no dust jobs organized as it should.

29. The main works are in this part.

30. Beautiful our aircraft.

31. How long is this part, we did not, and it's time to leave.

32. Chassis.

33. I wanted to write on the dust "Wash Me". But our goal was to remain unnoticed, and did not want someone flew over our penetration. This post should not hurt anyone because it's been a long time.


35. Near some aircraft were signs warning that the tanks can be kerosene. Therefore part of the aircraft is / used.



38. It is worth noting here that all the work, and that often people do not look at the tags in my journal.


40. That's all. Another adventure, and another childhood dream fulfilled.



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