Observations of the French cuisine in Paris

18 photos, and text. Taken here.

Capital is always a gastronomic reflection of the entire country, according to koshattenn. Therefore, to study French cuisine, she went to Paris.

Impressions of the national cuisine is always made up of little things that notice during your stay, and only then folds up for themselves in a single unit. Also impression of the country made up of many factors, and though there is an opinion, "Moscow - not Russia", "Berlin - not Germany", etc. I do not agree, the capital is always a reflection of the entire country, whatever it was. So Paris - a reflection of the French and French cuisine in all their diversity. I offer you my observations and advice on the theme of French cuisine.

Oysters and gray shrimp.
Oysters. Oysters we originally ordered at the restaurant and it was a pleasure not cheap - 22 euro per 6 pieces 3 sizes. But then, once on the street market, we come to the pan with seafood and see the widest range of the same oysters, but other prices. Moreover, we bought a dozen oysters Breton 2nd size for 9 euros, and asked to open right there, for which he paid one euro, as a result we got the freshest oysters in the middle of the market, which were absorbed in just a moment. So my advice - you want to try oysters and other marine reptiles - go straight to the market. By the way, to explain what you want to open the oysters and consume - just add «avec ouverture», and the pleasure you provided.



Of course, except for oysters, in the markets of Paris, you can find a lot more delicious!

Leon Mussels with cream, celery and parsley. Bring with fries, which is free of charge. And when she finishes you - every time you fill up.


Butter. In most restaurants as a compliment fresh bread rolls and butter. Frankly, I am not at home fan of butter, but in France it has become. Their oil can savor long and did not take away the remains of the waiters back - all eaten immediately.

Water. One of the tricks that we learned. All French restaurants when ordering wine waiter always asks if you need water. But unlike a tourist you or a Frenchman - bring a different water. We have noticed that the French always bring water in a glass bottle unmarked, and they quietly drink himself. When we ordered water, we always brought a Vittel or Evian 6-8 euros that bothered us a bit. But we all still have their order and explained that water is necessary, but need one that does not require payment. And the waiters are not batting an eye that it brought the water that they drank and French. Of course, this water probably came from the tap, but the differences from Evia except the price at least. So keep in mind.

Restaurant "The Clement» - «Chez clemente». Network of affordable restaurants all over Paris.


"Paste" from the sardines.


Assorted meat: sausage, duck, beef.

Terrine of duck.

Onion soup.

Wine. Against the background of fairly biting price, quite pleased with the price of wine in restaurants. Everywhere affordable glass of wine was cheaper to 15-20 glasses of beer 25dl. And, do not be afraid to book the most cheap wine - you always bring excellent product, for which no doubt have. By price - a glass of average cost of 4-6 euros, while a bottle of 17-20. The shops in the wine sections of the head is spinning, because the bulk of all wine sold in diappazone 5-20 euros per bottle, which I think just for the fabulous price of French wines.


Cyrus Chablis - another french discovery. It is 5-7 grams Raspberry syrup with Chablis.

Wine and sweets, as a compliment to the hotel.

Baking. Of course, writing about the French and especially baking croissants can be a lot, and much has already been written. But again - NOWHERE I have not tried this pastry, croissants and comparing the French and "French" in any other country is very simple otlichit- their true literally smell delicious butter, and that the French oil I think is the ingredient X, allows for word croissant immediately submit to a background of at least the Arc de Triomphe. Best way to take the cakes in bakeries, which you will find in each quarter. Because there they cost 80-90 cents, while
in cafes price reaches 2, 5 euros.

Lido. In this famous cabaret there are 2 types of tickets - with dinner and without. Normal ticket includes representation of 11 hours and a bottle of champagne on the floor Rights (Champagne brand "Lido" is not very good) and costs 100 euros. For 150 you get the same dinner (starts at 7:30). Menu is written very nice and tasty, but in fact - because of the specificity of institutions - need to cook a meal once a day, and once 300-400 servings Lido no kitchen. Bring food and warmed before serving. And the food certainly edible, but very poor quality. And considering that the name of the dessert is written on two lines, and bring the lemon pudding, as it is disappointing. So my advice - go only on presentation.

Waiters. For all the time did not see a single waiter woman - always and everywhere men only. And looking at their work, you understand why this man's profession. At peak times, when all the cafes people sit except not on top of each other, they rush with insane speed with 5-6 dishes in each hand, and about any delay in service or "unkind look" out of the question in principle. This is a question about that in "our" restaurant with a full load - always a feeling that it he just is not designed, and tables had to be 2 times smaller. And yet - in every cafe, every restaurant, regardless of the class and the food served there metrodotel which is at least 2 times suitable for each table and makes sure that everything was in order.

Well, at the Paris showcases the hungry is better not zamatrivatsya) All.



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