7 of these gnomes

The interesting story of a family of dwarf, this only happens in the movies.
That's what true love is.
People in spite of all prohibitions create their own happiness.
Wonderful story, to which we should strive.

Family history of Johnson American town Bamsvill began more than a decade ago. Amber met her beloved at the Congress dwarfs. Trent recalls today, it was love at first sight. They met four years, then decided to get married. After 14 months, was born long-awaited firstborn. The couple really wanted the child to be the same as they are. And so it happened. For any other family it would be heartbroken, but not for them. After a couple of years, Amber gave birth to a second child with the same features, she and her husband wanted to have necessarily a large family. However, doctors forbade her to give birth at health more. The pair has found a way in adoption. From different corners of the Earth they took into their family of three more children dwarfs - Anna from Russia, South Korea Alex and Emma from China. As a joke, they began to call themselves a family "7 Dwarfs in real life," rejoicing in spite of the disease every moment spent together.

Johnson family is the largest family, whose members were all amazed achondroplasia - a disease that leads to dwarfism. They are raising five children in a world that was not created for them.

Johnsons adapt to the enormous size of the world from an early age. Rather than remodel interior items for themselves, spouses encourage children to overcome obstacles: for example, push a chair to make it to the top shelf in the closet, or use a stick for the switch.

Johnson did not receive financial aid, grants, loans of any individual or the state, despite the fact that officially considered disabled, and can rely on a pension. Instead, they take part in a variety of grants.

"We live within our means, we try to do everything yourself. I think there are a lot of people who really need financial support, but our family is not the case, "- said the head of the family of Trent Johnson.


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