Strange tales of the Brothers Grimm (5 photos)

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I am honored these tales, guys. Well what can we say? It is a drug addiction or schizophasia. Read themselves, they rolled


1. The mouse, bird and sausage

Once upon a time a mouse, bird and sausage and they were friends tightly. They decided to build a house and live together. At first, all went well: a bird in the woods every day summer and firewood for the fire dragged, mouse carried water, lit the stove so laying on the table, and sausage cooked dinner, and she in a pot with food skewer to the richness came out.

Once a bird flew into the forest for firewood and other birds began to laugh at her, saying that all the hard work-mouse with sausage piled on it, and themselves all day, know yourself, thumbs beaten. Angry bird came home and told his friends to pull the lot who, what to do.

Dropped sausages the next day in the forest for firewood to go, but it was worth it to get out of the gate, it immediately grabbed the dog and ate. The mouse had to cook dinner and she decided, as a sausage in a pot povertetsya, jumped into the hot stew and cook. Birdie had applied water and melt the furnace, but hesitated and did not notice that the house caught fire. She grabbed a bucket of water from the well to bring the fire to extinguish, but could not resist and fell into a well and drowned.

What is the moral? Every cricket stick to his last, or everyone should mind his own business.

2. Cat and Mouse in Partnership

We met once a cat with a mouse. Namurlykala cat and mouse about their love and friendship, and they began to live together. In summer, they decided to leave the pot of oil reserve in the cold and hungry months and they hid it under the altar in the nearby chapel.

Greedy cat wanted to get into the church and eat oil. Mouse, she said that the kittens went to baptize. Three times she varnish oil thrice invent stories about baptisms, until finally the pot was empty.

And then, when the rains came and blew a cold wind, the mouse has decided that it's time to get a pot of oil, but, of course, it was empty. Mouse understood everything, and the cat pounced on her and swallowed.

Moral: never trust a cat, especially if you - a mouse.

3. rabble

We have done once a cock and a hen sleigh walnut shells and forced to carry the duck itself. They drove, drove and met on the road a pin with a needle. The friends walked from a nearby restaurant, where drank a lot of beer. And now, all this motley company drove in his sleigh to the inn. At first, the owner refused to let them in - too noisy and unpleasant. But they have promised him an egg, which demolished a chicken and a duck to sweeten their deal, and the owner agreed.

The next morning, a rooster and a hen woke up early, had stolen them from the owner donated the egg and ate (that cannibals!), Then stuck a pin in a towel host, and needle - in his chair and flew (it turns out, the chicken fly!). Duck also drifted down the stream.

Meanwhile, the owner woke up and went to wash. Wiping with a towel, he scratched his face with a pin, and going into the kitchen, found a shells from eating eggs. But he sat down, saddened, in his favorite chair, as immediately jumped up, pricked with a needle. And he vowed then never to let myself rabble like speaking tailor tools and domestic birds.

4. Strange dinner

Once I invited to dinner pudding liverwurst, and she gladly agreed. But crossing the threshold of the master apartments, liverwurst noticed many oddities: panicle and scoop, fighting on the stairs, a monkey with a huge wound on his head, and more.

Liverwurst all this, of course, the order of frightened, and as soon as she entered the room, he immediately told all this pudding. Blood pretended that nothing was heard or simply ignored the alarm girlfriend and went to the kitchen to check on dinner being prepared.

When liverwurst left alone in the room, then heard a voice: "Let me warn you, liverwurst, you're in a deadly trap. If you value your life, carry out of here! " Voice did not have to be told twice, liverwurst threw their heels and ran until until it crossed the street.

There she stopped to take a breath, turned around and saw blood sausage, leaning out of the window, with a long knife in his hand shining, black pudding shouted: "If I were you caught a little do not you show┬╗!

What this story?

5. Hurleburlebuts

Long ago a king got lost in the dense forest. Suddenly he appeared in front of him a small white dwarf. The dwarf king promised to bring him out of the forest, if he agrees to give him marry his youngest daughter. King, funky dusk, agreed. Dwarf safely brought to the king of the castle, and said that he would return a week later for his daughter.

King of sad - the youngest daughter was his favorite, and told about the deal to their daughters. But those, oddly enough, not afraid or upset. They asked his father not to worry and assured that soon get rid of this dwarf.

A week later, the king's daughter found an unsuspecting shepherd's daughter, dressed in her beautiful garments and told her to go to the first one who will come after her. It was a fox. He said: "Sit on my fluffy tail, Hurleburlebuts. Into the woods! And galloped away with the girl.

Then the fox asked the shepherd's daughter catch fleas in his hair, and as she readily agreed, immediately guessed that claimed the wrong girl. Back to the castle! A week later, the fox is back and this time he has taken away with a daughter gusepasa. The substitution was revealed again. Back to the castle!

When the fox came for the third time, the king gave him his daughter, and the fox took her into the woods.

On the way he asked her to catch fleas that she cried: "I, the King's daughter, should catch fleas fox!" Now he knew that the bride has taken away the right and then once again turned into a dwarf. They lived in perfect harmony, and once the dwarf said, "I must leave, but soon arrive here three white doves. When they sit down on the ground, catch the middle and immediately tear off his head. Just make sure that you caught it mid-dove, otherwise there will be trouble. " Arrived pigeons princess caught average, tore his head and gasped! Before her stood a handsome prince. It turned out in a white dwarf turned his wicked witch, and only in this way can be difficult to remove the curse.


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