Traces of the Cold War in the Crimean mountains: The object 100

In Soviet times, there were two megapopular thriller - "Pirates of the XX century" and "Solo Voyage". The last major action takes place on svehsekretnoy US missile base, located inside the cliffs on a desert island.
In today's photo essay, we will visit on this same base. So, as it looks today.
29 photos via Sergei Anashkevich

Neighborhoods Balaklava just crammed with unique and the world's only military targets during the Cold War. I've already talked about the "Object 825", better known as an underground submarine base. Just a few kilometers away, in the mountains, located once top-secret Coast stationary missile complex "Rock" or "Object 100", and the common people simply "Weaving", which controlled a significant part of the Black Sea until the turn of the century has not turned out to be defeated in unequal battle with the greed and lawlessness.

2. Login to the "Object 100". Once there was a canopy designed to camouflage the entrance of air.

In 1954, at the height of the Cold War that threatened to escalate into a nuclear conflict in the south of Crimea, between Cape Aya Balaklava, it began construction of the world's first underground missile complex land-based activities in a radius of sea area of ​​100 km.
Construction of "Object 100" carried out 95 th specialized management of underground works the Black Sea Fleet. The work was done under the supervision of the chief engineer of building management BSF Colonel A. Gelovani - the future of the engineering troops of Marshal of the Soviet Union. It worked on the construction of several thousand people, all of which were rigorously tested and given a subscription about nondisclosure.

3. silos

Missile system with a cruise missile C-2 was located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level and was designed to destroy targets at sea - surface ships.
Because of heat-resistant concrete at construction sites were built starting positions and protected by nuclear weapons underground structures, which housed manual, store missiles and shop for training and refueling. Rockets in the buildings were on special technological carts with folded wings and move to the starting position of the special mechanisms.

4. Emergency exit of the missile silo

5. But that was many years ago. And today ... Today it was a little concrete. Every year the metal is becoming less and less.
Now it is difficult to say when the dismantling of the inactive facility turned into barbarous rout of the unique underground citadel.
In 1996, the facility was transferred to the Naval Forces of Ukraine, and later - preserved.
By 2005, no guard at the near Balaclava to the 1st Division of the former coastal missile batteries left. Its remains have appeared vulnerable to looters. According to the residents of Balaklava, metal exported from here and carts and trailers to cars and even heavy trucks.

6. These new launchers have played the role of the Black Sea destroys brave Marines secret US military base in the movie "Solo Voyage", which became a response to the overseas action movie "Rambo 2", where hundreds shtatovskih Superman mowed cinematic Soviet soldiers. It's hard to imagine how at the time managed to knock permission to film at a secret facility. For complete reliability on the lids of containers launchers missile batteries were pasted inscription «US NAVY», and in some places even today you can see traces of the filming and writing in English.

7. In the interior of the rock were cut placed under the command post personnel and facilities, missiles and fuel storage, diesel power, there were large stocks of food and water. Underground citadel had complete engineering, complex of filtering systems, life support facility at its full sealing after the atomic attack.
Doors that can protect the lens from a nuclear attack, has long taken marauding

8. Cruise missiles were delivered to the pad through tunnels along the rails-rails on special platforms with electric motors. Launchers defended massive steel lids that at the start shifted to the side.

9. It was necessary only a few minutes to a colossal construction launcher appeared on the surface and struck by two missiles. As part of "Object 100" were two divisions, separated by a distance of 6 kilometers, each of which was armed with two launchers. Thus, the missile battery could simultaneously strike 8 powerful missiles capable of destroying virtually any vehicle class.

10. Once here were located control panels starting installation. Cut all.

11. Inside silos. Never before seen to the emergency exit was at the top .... This output is shown in the photo №4.

From 1957 to 1965 he held a range of 25 practical shooting. In a combat situation of its missiles had hit the convoy of NATO landing moving off the coast of Turkey to the Crimean peninsula, covering the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet. At the same time destroy the very citadel of the missile was almost impossible not only conventional but also nuclear weapons, particularly in view of its low accuracy at the time.


13. In 1982, the complex has undergone modernization and has adopted a missile 3M44 "Progress", capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

14. Today the subject is almost totally plundered empty. Gaping lapses impressive openings launch complexes lacking multi-ton steel caps go into the darkness of the tunnels and corridors with the remnants of their heavy-duty concrete Turned metal structures. Somewhere water dripping, and the only sound penetrating into the corridors of the dead from the surface. And sometimes steps rare visitors, up here on the mountain trails.

15. Gate, which never will drive automatic truck with a nuclear warhead

16. Even barbed wire cut from the insulators on concrete pillars. Insulators say that perhaps she was under stress.

17. Types that can enjoy the soldiers who served in the "Object 100»

18. In the one and a half kilometers away from the "one-hundredths" survive the remains of the former provision.

19. Some time after the transfer of the Ukrainian Navy in 1996, she has performed its function, according to the shield

20. The football field and towers for VIP spectators, which is likely to have been part of the officers. It is not yet cut into the metal. I suspect that after a while they will not be here

21. For a long time there have not performed PCBs and clear the area ...

22. Building dining

23. Open window

24. ... and he always opened the door foot ... ©

25. ... and was able to walk through walls ...

26. Clock newspaper, which pasted wallpaper. It is dated February 20, 1999. 13 years ago, there were audible commands orderly, soldiers doing repairs on Sundays and played football under the watchful eye of officers from the VIP tower

27. Go back. This autumn forest hidden hundreds of thousands of tons of useless concrete

28. The path leading from the "Weave" in the direction of Balaklava

29. When he was alive, maybe even seen "Object 100" alive ...



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