Not a good Santa

And you, too, are convinced that this Christmas old man brings only joy and gifts?
Let's find out who he really is.

Few people know, but the good Father Christmas Santa Claus who lives in Lapland, in fact, is one of the most feared creatures in ancient mythology?

Its ancient name - Joulupukki, which translates as "Christmas goat." How connected "goat" and good-natured grandfather, you ask?

The image of the good-natured, jovial in a red dress appeared relatively recently. In the XIX century Santa reported as malicious creatures with goat skin and horns. His main purpose was - to get to the house owners, a drink and scare children. Kids who misbehaved during the year, he was living boiled in a cauldron, on New Year's deer ate, when there was nothing to eat.

But this legend residents seemed too cruel, and the old "demon-goat" has become the main protagonist of the advertising "Coca-Cola" Santa Claus, which we all used to seeing.



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